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Table 2 Martin criteria for standardized complication reporting

From: Radical cystectomy over the age of 75 is safe and increases survival

Criteria Requirement
Method of accruing data defined Prospective or retrospective accrual of data are indicated.
Duration of follow-up indicated Report clarifies the time period of postoperative accrual
  of complications such as 30 days or same hospitalization.
Outpatient information included Study indicates that complications first identified following
  discharge are included in the analysis.
Definitions of complications provided Article defines at least one complication with specific inclusion criteria.
Mortality rate and causes of death listed The number of patients who died in the postoperative period of study
  are recorded together with cause of death.
Morbidity rate and total complications indicated The number of patients with any complication and the total number
  of complications are recorded.
Procedure-specific complications included  
Severity grade utilized Any grading system designed to clarify severity of complications
  including “major and minor” is reported.
Length-of-stay data Median or mean length of stay indicated in the study.
Risk factors included in the analysis Evidence of risk stratification and method used indicated by study.