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Table 2 Caregiving Activities

From: An organizing framework for informal caregiver interventions: detailing caregiving activities and caregiver and care recipient outcomes to optimize evaluation efforts

Construct Subcategories # of Studies
- Clinical Skills and Knowledge Caregiver skills/competence 7
  Knowledge 7
  Problem solving ability 3
  Adhere to care guidelines 2
  Decision-making skills 1
- Psychological Skills Self-efficacy 34
  Coping 13
  Readiness to Change 2
  Appraisal of Illness 1
- Support Seeking Social Support 16
  Intention to Get Support 1
  Attitude toward healthcare for care recipient 1
  Desire to institutionalize care recipient 1
- Quantity of Caregiving Time spent caregiving 4
  Work productivity (absences) 2