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Table 1 Data collection: measures and operationalization of quantitative study

From: Nursing home care for people with dementia and residents' quality of life, quality of care and staff well-being: Design of the Living Arrangements for people with Dementia (LAD) - study

Measure Operationalization
Living arrangement characteristics  
Number of residents in living arrangement Number of residents
Number of residents per living room Number of residents
Time of existence of living arrangement Months
Group living home care characteristics Group living home care questionnaire [2]
Inclusion criteria at admission Type and number of criteria
Transferring criteria Type and number of criteria
Education for care staff Type of education
Technological aids in care and housing Type and number of aids
Resident characteristics  
Age Years
Gender Male or female
Length of stay Number of months
Visits from family or friends Frequency
Stage of dementia FAST [26]
ADL-dependency KATZ [28]
Neuropsychiatric symptoms NPI-Q [41]
Referral (reimbursement) Euro's
Care staff characteristics  
Age Years
Gender Male or female
Origin Dutch or other
Educational level Type of education and level (e.g. level 1 - 5)
Working hours Hours per week
Employment in profession Years
Length of service Years
Staff ratio  
Direct caregiver Hours per week per resident
Educational level Hours per week per educational level per resident
Facilitating services Fulltime equivalent
Professional services Fulltime equivalent
Sickness leave Percentage
Care staff wellbeing  
Primary outcomes  
Job satisfaction Subscale job satisfaction from LQWQ [32]
Burnout complaints UBOS [3335]
Secondary outcome  
Workload Subscale from LQWQ [32]
Autonomy Subscale from LQWQ [32]
Social support Subscale from LQWQ [32]
Quality of care  
Physical restraints Type and number of times used per resident
Psychotropic drugs Type and number of times used per resident
Client satisfaction CQ-index [25]
Approach to dementia ADQ [36]
Involvement in activities Subscale from MDS: RAI [24]
Quality of life  
Quality of life QUALIDEM [22, 23]
Pain Subscale from MDS: RAI [24]