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Table 1 (AAOMFS)

From: Current prospective management of patients with osteonecrosis drug-induced (bisphosphonates) of the jaws: our experience

Stage 0 (sub-clinic stage)
Stage I (bone-exposure without pain and infection)
a lesion < 1cm
b lesion > 1cm
Stage II (bone-exposure with pain and infection)
a lesion < 2cm
b lesion > 3cm
Stage III
a bone-exposure > 3cm with clear osteolyses
b pathological fractures; ect..
  1. In stage I treatment was performed with clorexidina 0,2%, in stage II or III antibiotic-therapy and clorexidina, in stage IIIb surgical therapy. In 18 pz we have associate PiezoSurgery system, which exploits the ultrasounds action , effective on the bone but absolutely atraumatic on the soft tissue.