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Figure 2

From: Improving diaper design to address incontinence associated dermatitis

Figure 2

Stratum corneum hydration after occlusion with different side panel materials. 4 × 4 cm samples of a non woven fabric and plastic film were fixed on the volar forearm of volunteers for 4 hours. Moisture of the stratum corneum was immediately measured after removal of the materials with a corneometer probe. Corneometer measurements yield relative units which were correlated to intra-individual control values (measurement of adjacent skin without occlusion or treatment). Values are shown as a difference between corneometry readings of the treated skin and untreated skin respectively. An increase in these values indicates an increase in stratum corneum moisture while negative values would indicate water loss and drying-out of the stratum corneum. After the 4 hour incubation period there is a strong increase in the case of plastic film occlusion with an increase in the stratum corneum moisture.

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