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Table 1 Contents of the baseline data collection

From: The Tokyo Oldest Old Survey on Total Health (TOOTH): A longitudinal cohort study of multidimensional components of health and well-being

Components Measurements
In-home interview  
   Socioeconomic status Marital status, composition of household, achieved education, current and past working activity, self-assessment of economic status
   Functional capacity Unintentional weight loss, vision and hearing, basic and instrumental activities of daily living
   Behaviours Smoking, alcohol use, walking
   Well-being Philadelphia Geriatric Center (PGC) Morale Scale
   Mental health World Health Organization (WHO)-5 Well-being Index
   Cognitive function Mini-mental state examination (MMSE)
   Social cognition Sense of control
   Social intelligence/life knowledge Wisdom
   Social relations Social networks, social support, negative interaction, companionship, reciprocity
   Social activities Content and number of social activities
   Social care Usage and degree of long-term care insurance
   Usage of electrical home appliances Microwave oven, washing machine, cell phone, personal computer, video game
Self-administered questionnaire  
   Habitual dietary intake 46-item semiquantified food frequency questionnaire
   Health-related QOL WHO Quality of Life Instrument-Older Adults Module (WHOQOL-old)
   Personality NEO Five Factor Inventory (NEO-FFI)
Medical/dental Examination  
   Chronic conditions Medical history and medication
   Falls Falls in past 6 months
   General pain Visual analogue scale (VAS)
   Health behaviors Physical and cognitive activity, bowel habit
   Physical examination Resting blood pressure, heart rate, auscultation for the heart and the lung, detecting pitting ankle edema
   Anthropometrical measurement Weight, height, demi-span, waist, hip, calf circumference, skinfold thickness of triceps, subscapular, suprailiac, and medial calf
   Physical function Timed up-and-go test, chair standing, one-leg standing, grip strength
   Electrocardiogram (ECG) Twelve-lead ECG and 3-minute heart rate variability
   Carotid atherosclerosis B-mode carotid ultrasonography
   Bone mineral density Calcaneal quantitative ultrasonic measurement
   Dental examination Tooth count, degree of mouth cleaning, periodontal disease
   Oral function Bite force, masticatory function, 15-item food acceptance
   Oral health-related QOL General oral health assessment index (GOHAI)
   Blood analysis Non-fasting blood test and DNA sampling
   Saliva analysis Production and component of saliva
   Urine analysis Urine sample from the first morning boid (collected at home)