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Table 4 Differences between men and women and factors that were significantly associated with the performance of outdoor recreational physical activity (four-fold table).

From: A gender perspective on factors that influence outdoor recreational physical activity among the elderly

Factor Men
Pearson chi-square
Pearson chi-square
Being able to bathe or shower independently 0.000 0.000
Being a non-smoker 0.031 0.170 n.s.
Having access to areas for country walks 0.002 0.000
Cohabiting or not 0.232 n.s. 0.000
Level of education 0.880 n.s. 0.000
Being able or unable to cover an unexpected cost 0.214 n.s. 0.014
Being part of a social network or not 0.576 n.s. 0.076 n.s.
Having fear of violence or not 0.888 n.s. 0.015
Having fear of falling or not 0.116 n.s. 0.000