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Table 1 Independent variables included in the first model in the logistic regression analysis evaluating factors with a significant influence on performance of outdoor recreational physical activity among elderly men and women.

From: A gender perspective on factors that influence outdoor recreational physical activity among the elderly

Variables Coded as
  0 1
Able to bathe or shower independently able1 not able
Living status cohabiting2 single3
Level of education lower4 higher5
Personal financial situation able6 not able7
Being part of a social network yes no
Abandoned outdoor recreational PA* during the evenings due to fear of violence yes8 no9
Abandon outdoor recreational PA* due to fear of falling yes8 no9
Have access to areas for country
access no access
Smoking habits smoker10 non-smoker11
  Dummy variables
Age stratified into age groups 60-66 72-78 81-87 90-96
  1. 1 totally on my own/need help to wash my back
  2. 2 married/living with a partner
  3. 3 widow/widower/unmarried/divorced
  4. 4 uncompleted elementary school, nine-year compulsory school, vocational training
  5. 5 senior high school, higher certificate, university degree, postgraduate study
  6. 6 able to cover an unexpected cost within a week
  7. 7 not able to cover an unexpected cost within a week
  8. 8 often/rather often
  9. 9 never/seldom
  10. 10smokes regularly/sometimes
  11. 11 stopped smoking/never smoked
  12. * Physical activity