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Table 3 Perceptions of Rural Seniors on Adequacy of Community and Household Food Resources (n = 582)

From: Food Access and Perceptions of the Community and Household Food Environment as Correlates of Fruit and Vegetable Intake among Rural Seniors

  % (n)
Community food resources  
   Little variety of foods that can be purchased 32.0 (186)
   Few grocery stores or supermarkets 59.6 (347)
   Food prices are high 79.5 (463)
Food store where most groceries purchased
   Variety of fruits and vegetables is fair/poor 10.0 (58)
   Freshness of fruits and vegetables is fair/poor 13.1 (76)
   Price of fruits and vegetables is fair/poor 45.5 (265)
Household food resources  
   Food bought last month didn't last and we didn't have enough money to buy more 13.9 (81)
   In the last month, we couldn't afford to eat balanced meals 13.1 (76)
   In the past 12 months, we had to cut size of our meals or skip meals because there wasn't enough money to buy food 8.3 (48)