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Table 2 Overview on the cost categories, the measurement of the resource use and its valuation

From: Nurse-based case management for aged patients with myocardial infarction: study protocol of a randomized controlled trial

Cost category Resource use Valuation
Outpatient care Number of consultations € per consultation
Prescribed drugs Central pharmaceutical number, ATC code, dose rate Pharmacy retail price
Inpatient care Length of stay and number of days on the intensive care unit, if applicable DRG Daily hospital rate, if applicable DRG
Rehabilitation (excluding primary rehab) Length of stay Daily rehabilitation rate
Remedies (physiotherapy, massage) Number of visits Average rates
Ambulatory care Days per week and performed activities (or hours per day) Average rates for activities (or hours)
Home help Hours per week Average labor costs for a home help
Informal care Care level declared by the long term care insurance Max amount paid by the long term care insurance if the patient does not make use of formal care