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Table 1 Methodological quality of included studies

From: Effects of Ginkgo biloba in dementia: systematic review and meta-analysis

Authors, date
Randomization/allocation concealment Blinding of patients/outcomes assessment Prior estimate of sample size Withdrawals per group reported ITT analysis adequate Report of measures of precision Data inconsistencies Funding reported
Kanowski et al. 1996/2003 [29, 36] Yes/yes Yes/yes Partlya Partlyb Yes Yes No No
Le Bars et al. 1997/2000 [30, 37] Yes/yes Yes/unclear Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes
Maurer et al. 1997 [31] Yes/unclear Yes/unclear No Yes No No No No
van Dongen et al. 2000 [34, 45] Yes/yes Yes/yes Yes Yes No Yes Yesc Yes
Schneider et al. 2005 [33] Yes/yes Yes/yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes
Yancheva et al 2009 [35] Yes/unclear Yes/unclear No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Napryeyenko et al. 2007 [32] Yes/unclear Yes/unclear Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes
McCarney et al. 2008 [2] Yes/yes Yes/yes Partlya Yes Yes Yes No Yes
Ihl et al. 2009 Yes/yes Yes/yes No Yes Yes Yes No Yes
  1. a: Less patients were included than planned; b: Drop-out rates were reported, but without reference to study arm; c: Multiple re-randomization schemes.
  2. ITT = Intent-to-treat analysis.